DR – Digital Radiography

In co-operation with experienced and strong partners, IT-Service provides you with the technology for (analogue and) digital imaging. Our scope of supply and services ranges from the delivery of individual components to complete inspection system solutions (X-ray inspection or CT systems).

  • Supply and/or brokerage of complete system solutions for various inspection tasks, e. g.
    Security, Computed Tomography, Radioscopy, Wheel and Tire Inspection as well as Pipe Inspection
  • Distribution of imaging sources and image enhancement systems from different manufacturers
    Image intensifiers, flat panels, storage phosphor plate scanners (CR), film scanners, line diode arrays
  • Image quality testing of image intensifiers
  • Supply of high-resolution monitors (rack and tabletop units)
  • Supply and adaptation of spare parts and replacement components, e. g. HV power supplies
  • Supply of accessories, e. g image quality indicators (IQIs) or image plates (CR)

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