At our locations in Leipzig and Haan/Castrop-Rauxel we permanently hold a choice of portable and mobile X-ray sets available for rental. Periods of testing shortfalls or outages due to equipment repair can be bridged easily. As long as not reserved or rented/lent out we have the possibility to quote (equipment extract – subject to prior rental):

  • YXLON CP X-ray set type XMB225 (mobile)
  • GE CP X-ray set type ISOVOLT mobile 160
  • BALTEAU X-ray set type CERAM35 (portable)
  • GE X-ray set type ERESCO 42MF4 (portable)
  • YXLON X-ray set SMART EVO 225D (portable)
  • other X-ray equipment on request (according to availability) …

In case that you are only in need of a subcomponent for the completion of your X-ray set, e. g. X-ray tube head or cooler, you have the possibility to hire these subcomponents from us as well (subject to availability). In case of need please send us your enquiry. We will be pleased to submit our non-binding and free quotation. For hire of X-ray sets and components our General Terms and Conditions and Terms and Conditions of Hire apply.

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