Radiation Protection


Pursuant to the provisions of German X-ray Regulations (RöV) and Radiation Protection Regulations (StrlSchV) every user and licensee is obliged to ensure that the permissible dosage threshold values of the respective regulation are not exceeded. Any radiation exposure and contamination unnecessary of man and environment must be avoided and shall be kept as low as practicable even where values are below the authorised limits, taking into account all factors relevant to the circumstances of a single case.

IT-Service supplies you with ADR equipment, radiation protection components, signage, warning and barrier materials as well as portable and stationary radiation gauges and surveillance solutions for your scope of application.

Radiation Measurement/Warning Technology

  • Personal Dosemeters/Dose Alarm Meters
  • Dose Rate Meters
  • Dose Rate Alarm Units
  • Measuring and components for area monitoring
  • Contamination Measuring Instruments
  • Telescope instruments
  • ATEX-approved Instruments
  • (Gamma) Probes

Structural Radiation Protection

  • Planning and consulting concerning your radiation protection project
  • Issue of radiation protection calculations including official confirmation
  • Construction or modification of X-ray rooms and enclosures
  • Project management from approval up to official acceptance
  • Supply of shielding material, e. g. steel-lead-steel sandwich elements

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