NDT Accessories

IT-Service supplies you with the accessories for your inspection tasks – the product/item you are looking for is not listed? Please send us your enquiry.

X-ray film and film processing

  • High quality industrial X-ray films in all common designs and dimensions
  • Developer and fixer chemicals
  • Film processors, equipment for manual or tank development and accessories

Radiographic technique

  • Penetrameters acc. to DIN EN ISO 19232-1 (ex: EN 462-1) for Fe (iron), Cu (copper), Al (aluminium) and Ti (titanium)
  • Duplex wires acc. to DIN EN ISO 19232-5 (ex: EN 462-5)
  • Wire penetrameters acc. to DIN EN ISO 19232-1 (ex: EN 462-1) with declaration of conformity
  • Penetrameters acc. to ASTM E 1025-98, single or in sets
  • Wire penetrameters acc. to ASTM E 747-94
  • Penetrameters acc. to ASTM E 1742 (MIL-STD 453)
  • Lead markers, casted (letters and numbers with height of 6, 8, 10 or 13mm)
  • X-ray tape measures with different partitions and widths
  • Tape measure capsules for storage purposes
  • Radiopaque legends (letters, numbers and special characters – company logo on request)
  • Support frames for film marking
  • Magnetic clamps with and without clip
  • Base elements and attachments for X-ray tubes (utilities for focus distance or elliptical imaging)
  • Magnetic pouches for wire penetrameters/image-quality indicators (IQIs)
  • Carrier strips and clips for legends/screens
  • Elastic straps with and without buckle
  • Storage cases with sub-divisions for consumables

Dark room furnishings

  • Pb intensifying screens
  • Filters for scattered radiation Pb
  • Tin (Sn) filters
  • Fluorometallic Screen 308
  • Steel intensifying screens
  • Cassettes with magnetic fixing
  • Cassettes with Velcro® fastening
  • Lock cassettes made from PVC
  • Cassettes, double-layer, made from PVC
  • Film cassettes made from light alloy
  • Tubular films in different widths
  • Film cutting equipment and accessories
  • Exposure tables with sliding scale for Ir-192 and universal calculation
  • Film insert-frames single, double and triple
  • Film frame with corner locking
  • Film frame baskets
  • Film spools for roll films
  • Electric immersion heaters and tank thermometers
  • Darkroom exhausters for stationary or motor vehicle installation
  • Thiosulphate test strips (Thio Test)
  • Wet film viewer 230V and 12V
  • Darkroom safelights 230V, 12V and accessories
  • Film drying cabinets and drying machines

Radiographiy film review/Evaluation

  • Luminance meters and accessories
  • Halogen and LED film viewers and accessories
  • Density strips (with BAM or NIST certification)
  • Reference images ASTM E 2422
  • Comparison catalogues  ASTM E … 1648, 1320, 186, 280,
    155, 446, 155, 272, 310, 390, 242, 192, 505, 802
  • IIW weldseem catalogue Steel, ISO 5817
  • Reference images ASTM E 2660 and E 2669 (on DVD)
  • Scale magnifiers
  • Film protective envelopes made from pergamyn paper, different formats
  • Hand-held and table-top densitometers
  • Film markers, different colours

We are happy to quote additional accessories on request!

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