RT – Gamma Ray Radiography (Isotope Technology)

  • Sales, maintenance, inspection and expert examination (3-year maintenance) as well as leakage testing (radiation) of/for units of Exertus Novum series, Exertus Dual 120 series, Exertus Circa series, Exertus Vox series, TI series, TK series and Se series plus pipe pigs/crawlers of M6 and M18 type
  • Supply of Co-60, Se-75, Cs-137 and Ir-192 radiation sources including replacement and redemption/recycling
  • Supply of control crank handles, clip-on diaphragms, collimators and accessories for application/manipulation
  • Custom-made production of special accessories
  • Consultancy, first-line service and incident supportis_komp
  • Take-back/recycling of old equipment
    (including units containing depleted uranium)

In our workshops

  • Source loading (including units of other manufacturers)
  • Exchange of radiation source supports
  • Equipment inspection and repairs

On site

  • Repacement of radiation sources and incident support
  • Radiation field measuring
  • Equipment demonstration and staff training

Developments of our workshops provide
for better working conditions of our customers


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