Leipzig facility (Headquarters)

Leipzig(property of IT-Service Leipzig GmbH)
500m² floor space
150m² basement
15 employees

Main focus:
– NDT equipment service and distribution
(X-ray, ultrasonic, UV, magnetic equipment)
– X-ray films and accessories
– Distribution of consumables and accessories

Haan facility
Haan(rented from the Sauerwein family)
550m² floor space
11 employees

Main focus:
– Isotope service and distribution
– Gamma equipment and accessories


Henrichenburg facility
(rented from the Osterholt Stahlbau GmbH)
800m² floor space
4 employees

Main focus:
– Service on industrial X-ray sets
– Sales and distribution of portable, mobile and stationary X-ray sets
– Spare parts and accessories
– Rental equipment and components