Business segments

Engineering Mechanics Service

  • Maintenance, annual and 3-year inspection including monitoring of the examination by offical expert for defectoscopy equipment TI, TIF, SE and TK as well as pipe pigs (crawlers) M6 or M18
  • Supply of  Co-60, Se-75 and Ir-192 radiation sources including exchange of emitter fixtures and witdrawal
  • Manufacture of special accessories
  • Consultancy, firstline and emergency recovery service
  • Plant hire of defectoscopy devices (renting)

Electronic Service

  • Distribution and First Line Service of non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment
  • Industrial X-ray technology (virtually all well-known manufacturers)
  • Ultrasonic technology for Waygate Technologies (formerly known as GE, Krautkramer) and Sonotec
  • UV lamps, UV measuring equipment, film viewers, magnetic test equipment (different manufacturers)
  • Annual inspection according to RöV (German X-ray Regulations)
  • Focal spot measuring according to EN12543-2 (and IEC336)
  • Monitoring of the examination by official expert/5-year examination
  • Calibration of analogue and digital sonographic units according to EN12668-1
  • Gauging service for radiation monitoring devices
  • Luminance measurement for film viewers according to DIN25580
  • Electrical test of non-stationary equipment (electrical safety) DGUV Vorschrift 3 (BGV A3)
  • Plant hire for irradiation and ultrasonic equipment (renting)

Radiation Protection (Radioprotection)

  • Surveying of radiation fields concerning structural radiation protection
  • Supply of radiation gauges, shielding devices, radiation warning signs
  • Consultancy and project planning in the area of structural radiation protection
  • Custom made radiation warning devices according to customer specifications


  • Industrial X-ray units and accessories
  • Ulrasonic equipment and accessories
  • X-ray film processors for industrial applications
  • X-ray film and accessories
  • Developer and fixer chemicals (film development)
  • Surface flaw-detection penetrant PT/MT
  • Reference blocks, accessories for PT/MT
  • Devices and accessories for vacuum leakage detection
  • Hardness testers and hand yokes (magnetic particle test)