What is Radifend?
Radifend is a patented, laminated, flexible, elastomeric system developed to protect workers in nuclear and associated industries from harmful x-ray and gamma radiation (radiation protection). It is designed to shield areas where traditional shielding materials such as lead cannot be used or are difficult to install.


Radifend – Silicone Radiation Shielding

•    High temperature resistance (-85°C to 200°C)formen
•    Flame Retardant
•    Water/steam proof
•    Flexible material, can be bent and shaped
•    Low chlorine, fluorine, sulphur content (suitable for contact with stainless steel)
•    Easy decontamination or cleaning
•    Encapsulated and hermetically sealed and without sharp edges
•    Available as flat plates (standard) or in desired dimensions and thicknesses (on request)
•    Integrated polymer reinforcement for added strength
•    Panels can be factory fitted with stainless steel eyelets if hanging is planned
•    Additional protective PVC cover available, this provides additional protection for the material when used in harsh environments
•    Standard Colour:  Yellow

Standard dimensions (plates)

•   915 x 305 x 9,5mm, weight: ca. 11,0kg/plate
•   915 x 305 x 16mm, weight: ca. 21,0kg/plate
•   non-standard sizes are available on request

(Manufacturer’s data – no warranty by IT Service)


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