What is Radishield?
Radishield is a patented, laminated, flexible, elastomeric, lead filled system developed to protect workers in nuclear and associated industries from harmful x-ray and gamma radiation (radiation protection). It is designed to shield areas where traditional shielding materials such as lead cannot be used or are difficult to install. There are three different types of Radishield available:


Radishield – Silicone Lead
Silicone Lead - Datasheet UK, PDF
•    High temperature resistance (-50°C to 200°C)formen
•    Flame Retardant (Fire Tested)
•    Water/steam proof
•    Very flexible
•    Low chlorine, fluorine, sulphur content (suitable for contact with stainless steel)
•    Easily cut and shaped by hand
•    Easily decontaminated
•    Available in flat sheet form, standard or non-standard sizes/thicknesses
•    Available in pipewrap, t-piece and bespoke moulded shapes
•    Can be incorporated into customised containment units
•    Standard Colour:  Yellow

Radishield – Polyurethan Leadpolyurethanlead
Polyurethan Lead - Datasheet UK, PDF
•    lower cost alternative to Silicone Radishield where ultimate properties
of Silicone based versions are not required
•    Same shielding (attenuation) as silicone Radishield
•    Lower max. temperature (40°C)
•    Low chlorine, fluorine, sulphur content not applicable
•    Significantly lower costs
•    Available in flat sheet form only (standard/special sizes/thicknesses available)
•    Standard Colour:  Green

Radishield – Silikon Tungsten
Silicone Tungsten - Datasheet UK, PDF
•    Developed as an alternative to standard silicone Radishield products where customers require a lead free alternative
•    Tungsten based inner laminate silikontungsten
•    Available in flat sheet or moulded shapes
•    Same shielding and flexibility as standard Radishield
•    Fire tested
•    Tested by National Radiological Protection Board
•    US Navy Approved
•    Standard Colour:  Grey


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