High-voltage cables

Standard terminations can be supplied in straight or 90° offset style. Standard lengths for high-voltage cables in the industrial range are 5m, 10m, 15m and 20m. For thickness measuring applications cables with 3.5m and 7m are available. Intermediate lengths or cables >20m length can be supplied as well but the delivery time might be considerably longer (custom-made product). Using special length cables, please pay attention to the instructions of the manufacturer of your X-ray set concerning the limitation of the maximum power in case that necessary. For mounting of the HV termination in the HV receptacle of the generator or X-ray tube flange connectors or quick-locks can be used.

High-voltage connections have to be maintained on a regular basis. The rate of the maintenance intervals is depending from the intensity of use of your X-ray set and from the ambient conditions. Normally maintenance has to take place every three to six months the latest. To avoid trapped air between the isolator of the HV receptacle and the HV termination the use of special silicone grease is vital. Incorrect or missing maintenance can cause severe damage to your X-ray set (and may void any warranty coverage of the manufacturer).

High-voltage terminations (standard):

R10                        100kV
R24                         160kV – 200kV  (also spring-load)
R28                        225kV – 250kV  (also spring-load)
R30                        210kV – 300kV

High-voltage terminations (special form):

Flat connection    160kV (maintenance-free, Seifert/GE)
3/4 Pin                        75kV – 100kV
R23                               210kV
R27                               100kV
Pantak                        150kV/160kV
Short-Tip                   160kV    (R24 „short“)

High-voltage cable (with PVC jacket):

Voltage          min. bend radius         kg/m
75kV                      ca. 80mm                              ca. 0.4kg
100kV                    ca. 100mm                           ca. 0.6kg
160kV                    ca. 150mm                           ca. 1.0kg
250kV                    ca. 190mm                           ca. 1.7kg

New high-voltage cables:
Normally the following high-voltage cable types can be supplied from stock IT-Service:

  • High-voltage cable, 160kV, 2 x R24 straight, length 5m           (alternative: N3/160-R24-R24-5M)
  • High-voltage cable, 160kV, 2 x R24 straight, length 10m         (alternative: N3/160-R24-R24-10M)
  • High-voltage cable, 160kV, 2 x R24 straight, length 15m         (alternative: N3/160-R24-R24-15M)
  • High-voltage cable, 160kV, 2 x R24 straight, length 20m         (alternative: N3/160-R24-R24-20M)
  • High-voltage cable, 225kV, R24/R28 straight, length 15m       (alternative: P3/250-R24-R28-15M)

Additional high-voltage cables, in case that available also in second hand condition, we are gladly prepared to quote on request. Please make sure that your enquiry contains the following information to enable us to quote:

  • Type of high-voltage cable, e. g. 160kV
  • Type of high-voltage receptacle on tube side or let us know the type of X-ray tube
  • Type of high-voltage socket on generator side or let us know the type of generator
  • Required length of high-voltage cable in m
  • Indication if straight or 90° offset terminations are required, in case that no indication is made, straight terminations are supplied
  • Indication of accessories if required, e. g. tube or generator flange (in case that not reusable from available X-ray set)

For high-voltage cables that have to be newly manufactured the average delivery time is about 3 to 4 weeks. Special form cables on request.

Repair of high-voltage cables (HV termination repair):

It is possible to replace damaged HV terminations of R10, R24 and R28 type. This presupposes that the average condition of the high-voltage cable is good and that the length of the cable after repair is sufficient for a fault-free operation. (When replacing a HV termination the loss in length is about 30 to 50cm.) The average delivery time for a repair is about 2 to 3 weeks.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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