Products and Services

Gamma Ray Radiography

  • Annual maintenance and service for NDT equipment
  • Accessory maintenance and repair
  • GammaTrack® radiation source service (Ir192, Se75, Co60, Cs137)

Industrial X-ray Sets

  • Firstline service for industrial X-ray sets, e. g. for BALTEAU, SEIFERT, GE, GULMAY, YXLON (for details see „RT – X-ray“)
  • Examination according to (German) X-ray Regulations (RöV) and test concerning electrical safety (DGUV Vorschrift 3/BGV A3)
  • Calibration according to manufacturer’s specification
  • Focal spot measuring including certificate

Ultrasonic Test Instruments

  • Service for ultrasonic instruments of miscellaneous manufacturers
  • Calibration, accessories, repair
  • Battery service

Surface Flaw Detectors

  • Magnetising equipment
  • Ultraviolet lamps and gauges
  • Penetrant testing units

Additional services

  • Calibration and standardisation service for measuring gauges
  • Service for accessories (e. g. film viewers, densitometers etc.)
  • Custom-made products on request

Rental equipment

  • Industrial X-ray sets (portable or mobile)
  • Gamma Radiography Cameras
  • Ultrasonic flaw detectors
  • additional equipment according to availability on request
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Consumables and accessories for radiography 

  • GammaTrack® radiation sources (Ir192, Se75, Co60, Cs137)
  • AGFA industrial film and chemicals
  • Accessories for image acquisition
  • Accessories for film evaluation
  • Dark room equipment, lab furniture
  • ADR equipment, X-ray protection – barrier materials, signage, radiation measuring and warning technology

Test fluids/media for NDT

  • MP test medium black/white, fluorescent
  • FE test medium red (blue)/white, fluorescent
  • Leak detection media
  • Couplant for ultrasonic applications

Equipment technology for NDT (from the manufacturer of your choice)

  • NDT technology and accessories
  • Industrial X-ray sets – portable, mobile and/or stationary
  • Ultrasound equipment technology
  • Coating thickness gauges
  • Magnetising equipment and accessories
  • Penetrant testing units and FE accessories
  • Ultraviolet lamps and accessories
  • Leak detection technology (vacuum, helium, ultrasonic)
  • Roughness meters

Additional services on request – our sales engineers are always happy to advise you.

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